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The picture above is from our Helsinki Toastmasters meeting in January 2013. When you join a Toastmasters Club, you will receive the first manual – Competent Communicator – which is designed to develop your speaking skills one step at the time. Every project builds upon what you’ve learned in the preceding projects. Speeches are presented according to their order in the manual. The manual has been thoroughly honed throughout the years since the inception of Toastmasters International in 1924.

Your first speech – the Ice Breaker

You begin with “The Ice Breaker” speech. Since it is your first speech before the club, it is based on a easy subject – yourself. In subsequent speeches you learn the importance of organization, speech purpose, proper word usage and vocal variety. You also learn how to use visual aids, speak persuasively, and inspire others.

The Toastmasters club environment

This learning takes place in the Toastmasters Club environment. Club meetings are workshops where you study and practice communication and leadership skills with others who are there for the same reasons as you. You develop your speaking skills by participating and by watching fellow club members. During the “Table Topics” session of each meeting, you have the opportunity to develop your quick-thinking skills by giving one to two-minute speeches on a general subject. Soon, you introduce speakers, conduct meetings, evaluate speeches and take on other roles to give you practice in a variety of communication experiences. But your greatest learning comes from preparing and presenting speeches based on the projects in the Competent Communication manual. You have an open and cordial invitation to attend our meetings as a guest to find out firsthand what Toastmasters can do for you!

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Guest visits are free of charge.

Helsinki Toastmasters bank details for a membership fee: Nordea FI69 1112 3500 2803 64, BIC: NDEAFIHH

New member registration fee 20e. Membership fee 60e /6 months.

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